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Our health, wealth, happiness affirmations & meditaions are different as they are expressing different tones to keep your attention, we also mix binaural beats in the audio that actually affect your brain waves, inducing a deep state of relaxation, and a brain pattern similar to REM sleep. We hope you will appreciate the difference.

Affirmations / Meditations

For Health, Wealth, Happiness And Inner Peace

Meditation for Kids Animal Kingdom Meditation

Affirmations For Positive Thinking - Health, Wealth, Happiness, Appreciation

Guided Meditation - Mix Breathing Meditation Appreciation - Short Breathing

Money Affirmations / I am Happy And Full Of Appreciation For All The Money That Is Flowing To Me

Law Of Attraction Affirmations - Affirmations For Success - I Can Achieve What Ever My Mind Desire

Money Affirmations That Work / I am Receiving All Of The Money That I Want

What Are Affirmations?

Your words & your thoughts can transform your Internal states. Affirmations are very powerful. Positive Statements help you to reprogram your subconscious mind. Affirmations help you get to rid off negative thinking patterns to create new positive ones. When they are spoken with convictions they can alter your thoughts, beliefs, and behavior and change your entire reality. Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Life. Thoughts become Things.

Benefits of Affirmations
  • Motivation to Act.
  • Helps You To Concentrate On Your Goals.
  • Change negative thoughts to positive.
  • True Desire To Continue Your Actions
  • Influence Your Subconscious Mind To Access New Belives & Reprogram Yor Mind
  • Assist You To Boost Your Confidence in Self-Esteem
  • Recent Study Shows Optimistic People Healthier By Heart & Affirmations Help You To Stay Positive.
  • Daily Affirmations Keep You at a Constant State Of Gratitude.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a personal daily practice. The point of meditations is to focus strongly on something in order to clear your mind. When Your mind wonders and its will, all you need to do is bring your attention backand you will have to keep practising it until your practice will make it perfect your Brian is like any other muscle you have to train it . When we meditate we show a decrease in better waves & an increase in alpha waves. Alpha waves are your relaxation brain wave. Beta waves bring active thoughts & learning.

This is why meditation is recommended as a stress relief method as it manipulates our brain waves for a calmer mental state.

Benefits of Meditations
  • Better Focus
  • Lessen Anxiety
  • More Creativity
  • Less Stress
  • Better Memory
  • More i affirmations


Only affirm when you are feeling positive because the universe doesn't hear what you say. The universe hears how you feel.

Use mediatation daily to make you feel better, happy and peaceful. Therefore its always better you affirm after you meditate.

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